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Woven Silk Ties

All of our woven silk ties are made from A1 Grade Mulberry Silk, and provide a perfect balance between luxurious softness and practicality. You can tie one of our beautiful ties in the morning, and know that whatever your day entails, you will come away looking good in the evening.

At a slightly wider 8cm, our woven silk ties are stylish and classic, away from the changing fads of pencil thin or kipper wide. Marine blues, forest greens and muted earth tones meet colourful accents in designs both classic and contemporary. From the office, to the restaurant, to the cocktail bar, our woven silk ties provide a luxury touch to make you feel confident, suave and sophisticated.

Win a compliment from your boss, earn respect at your next business meeting, look on point at the races, turn heads on a night out, or impress your date with these stunning designs.

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Some of our most popular designs 

Our Leikr silk tie features a paisley in turquoise and pale yellow, backed with a sheer navy over green, giving a classic pattern a modern bearing.

Our Noah silk tie features an attractive tessellating pattern of champagne yellow, ochre and Columbia blue columns. A subtle and unusual motif.

Our Hiro silk tie features a gorgeous geometric cloud pattern, inspired by Japanese designs, in silver sand with dark green, bronze and gold accents.

All of our woven silk ties are made with the closest attention to detail and of the highest quality materials, so quality always goes hand in hand with style, and all our accessories provide the perfect finishing touch to your outfit.