How to Tie a Cravat

This is the most common way to tie silk cravats -
also known as ascots, or ascot ties in the US.
See our steps below...
Step 1: Start with your top 3 buttons undone, place the cravat inside the collar with one blade about 3-4 inches longer than the other around the neck.
Step 2: Wrap the longer blade twice around the shorter one, then bring the longer blade to the back and up through the neck (just like tying a tie).
Step 3: Pull the longer blade to the front and "fluff" the cravat by gently pushing out with your thumbs, and tuck inside your shirt.
Step 4: Do up your shirt button, adjust as necessary, and it's done!

To prevent a printed silk cravat from slipping, simply
wrap the longer blade around the shorter one twice,
before pulling it up and back through the neck
(as shown in the video above).

Or to secure it even more, try tying a reef knot,
then fold the longer blade over to hide the knot.

Our woven silk cravats are even easier to tie and
simply require one loose knot to stay securely in place.

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