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Need some style inspiration with how to wear your cravat, pocket square, tie or scarf? Why not peruse our lookbook showcasing our featured products...

These are just some of the ways to enjoy our silk cravats, pocket squares, silk ties, silk scarves and Ascot ties. Mix and match with your outfits, wear them to work, for formal occasions, the list is only limited by your imagination. Our whole philosophy centres on men expressing themselves, not being stuck with the same old boring outfits. Be free to experiment!

Vanar Cravat Tropical Lemur Toucan Jungle

Nereus Blue Brown Paisley Woven Silk Cravat

India Orange Brown Earth Tigers Printed Silk Cravat

Dionysus Green Purple Paisley Printed Silk Cravat

Scott Pink Blue White Geometric Pattern Printed Silk Cravat

Rocco Orange Navy Blue Polka Dot Printed Silk Cravat

(Above) Try wearing one of our silk cravats in a more casual setting, in the manner of a tootal scarf. In a shade that complements an overdyed denim jacket, it can really lend an unusual touch of class.

Lane Brown Mint Green Floral Printed Silk Cravat

Merlin Yellow Purple Paisley Woven Silk Cravat

Zian Spring Green Oriental Chinese Pattern Printed Silk Cravat

Sylvester Red Yellow Floral Printed Silk Cravat

Aoki navy pink green dragon japanese pattern silk cravat ascot tie

Silvano Brown Mint Green Polka Dots Printed Silk Cravat

(Above) Use an ascot tie as a pop of colour, a bright element of contrast, for a more casual and playful look. Our cravats and pocket squares can be a jumping off point for you to experiment with your outfits.

Hu Pink Tigers Printed Silk Cravat

Shion Green Japanese Crests Printed Silk Cravat

Fujin Leopard Print Silk Cravat Ascot Tie

Minoru Green Navy Japanese Botanical Pattern Woven Silk Cravat Ascot Tie

(Above) Dress a casual shirt and trousers with a fitted waistcoat and a classic shade of cravat, emphasising an athletic shape or adding a little wit to a simple outfit. Our silk cravats can be used with abandon as part of whatever outfit you choose.

Atsushi Black red yellow Japanese cherry blossom silk cravat ascot tie

Rufus Orange Brown Stripes Woven Silk Cravat

Naoki Blue Brown Japanese geometric pattern silk cravat

Myall Blue Orange Floral Silk Cravat

Romain Purple Gold Paisley Printed Silk Cravat

(Above) A matching cravat and pocket square set, in a bright pattern, with the handkerchief tucked loosely, can really set off a smart 3 piece woollen or tweed suit.

Ortun Blue Orange Paisley Printed Silk Cravat

William Cream Blue Brown Botanical Floral Silk Cravat

Flint Grey Pink Polka Dot Printed Silk Cravat Ascot Tie

(Above) No need to stick strictly to matching sets. Try different patterns with a similar colour palette, for a surprisingly dapper finish.

Giovanni Orange Grey Polka Dots Printed Silk Cravat

Angus Blue Lilac Polka Dot Woven Silk Cravat

Harry Pink Camouflage Woven Silk Cravat Ascot Tie

Gidro Blue Tropical Lemur Sloth Toucan Printed Silk Cravat Ascot Tie

Felix Black White Polka Dot Printed Silk Cravat

Pierre Blue White Paisley Printed Silk Face Mask

Arashi Rust Red Japanese Waves Printed Silk Cravat Ascot Tie

Arlo Red White Polka Dot Silk Cravat Ascot Tie
Brody Lime Green Paisley Silk Cravat

Antonio Blue Silver Floral Woven Silk Cravat

(Above) For a more formal setting, a silk ascot tie can be the icing on the cake. Pick a matching shade with contrasting detail, and instantly upgrade a formal suit from off the peg, to off the chain.

Gentian Blue Orange Floral Botanical Silk Face Mask

Luca Purple Polka Dot Printed Silk Cravat Ascot Tie

Kehar Tiger Print Silk Cravat Ascot Tie

(Below) If you really do want to peacock, then try a brash pattern of suit with contrasting patterns of cravat and pocket square. No need to go all out on the clashes, the reds and silvers here help to tie the whole outfit together, so it looks cohesive and deliberate.

Xiaowen Red Brown Blue Chinese Oriental Pattern Printed Silk Cravat

Earl Geometric Pattern Printed Silk Cravat

Our silk cravats, ascot ties, pocket squares and scarves are versatile, and these are only a few examples of how you can wear our products. There are so many different possible combinations and you are only really limited by your imagination. Whether you are a groomsman or a guest, have an important meeting or a smart-casual dinner, our range has something to fit anyone’s personal style.

We have seasonal ranges and special and limited editions, along with special commissions from artists in Europe and Asia. We at Cravat Club aim to provide modern statement pieces, alongside timeless classics.

All of our products, from ties to pocketsquares are expertly handmade of the highest quality silks and are hand stitched in England, so you get the best accessories with the finest finish, every time.